FAISALABAD - The newly-constructed church was inaugurated Christian Colony, Shahbaz Town on Sunday.

The church was established at a cost of Rs7.6 million. It has the capacity to accommodate 350 worshipers at a time. It was inaugurated by UAF Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Iqbal Zafar, Bishop Josef Arshad, Father Younus Inyat, and Father Kamran Taj.

Convener Church Committee/Chief Hall Warden Dr Zafar Iqbal Qureshi, Director Procurement Umar Saeed Qadri, and Principal Officer Public Relations and Publications Dr Muhammad Jalal Arif and other notables also attended the ceremony.

Dr Iqbal Zafar congratulated the Christian community. He said that as per the vision of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, all the minorities have equal rights to worship in the country.

He said that all the inhabitants in the country irrespective of their religion, cast, creed, and colours are playing a role in the development and prosperity of the country.

Bishop Josef Arshad tanked the UAF administration for setting up the church. He added that Christians here will pray for the uplift, development and prosperity of the country. He said minorities were enjoying freedom in their worships in the country as per vision of Quaid-e-Azam.