LAHORE     -     Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited the Sharif Medical City on Monday for detailed evaluation from team of experts from Agha Khan University in the presence of his personal physician Dr Adnan Khan.

Senior cardiac interventionist, vascular surgeon, urologist and nephrologists evaluated recent investigations and scans and had detailed consultation and evaluation of Nawaz Sharif for further management.

Talking to the media, Dr Adnan said that cardiac ailment was a serious threat.

“Less blood supply to brain due to blockage of arteries is a serious issue. If angioplasty is not possible, doctors can go for open heart surgery”, he said, adding, he (ex-PM) could be hospitalised when needed.

He said that the decision that whether treatment was possible in Pakistan or abroad has yet to be taken. He said that the doctors were monitoring health condition of Nawaz Sharif round the clock.

In a tweet, he shared details of medical examination from team of Agha Khan University.

“Agha Khan University has very kindly constituted a high powered team of specialists/experts consisting of Cardiac Interventionist, Vascular Surgeon and Urologist/Nephrologists. They had a detailed consultation and evaluation of former Prime Minister for further management”.

Maryam Nawaz also tweeted about health condition of her father.

“MNS was examined by team of Agha Khan specialists that included Cardiac Interventionist, Vascular Surgeon and Urologist/Nephrologists who also reviewed his recent investigations and scans. Reports are being compiled. His problems are serious and the doctors are concerned”.

Replying to a tweet, she shared further details regarding possible open heart surgery.

“Yes, the drs are mulling over it though final recommendations still awaited. Apart from the heart, the carotid arteries also either need stenting or surgery bcoz the blood supply to the brain is compromised which puts him at risk of another stroke. Aap sub dua bhi karna”.

Doctors have so far performed number of tests at SMC and Al-Razi Hospital Gulberg since his release from the Kot Lakhpat Jail after the apex court allowed bail on medical grounds for six weeks.

Echocardiogram detected alarmingly less blood supply to upper portion of neck and brain.

As per doctors, 43 per cent less blood supply to neck and brain could prove dangerous.

Doctors had also carried out MRI of heart and kidneys, dopler study for assessing blood flow in arteries and to different parts of the body. CT Scan of chest and backbone and computed tomography of kidneys, ureters and bladder (CT KUB) for assessing the concentration of stones were also performed.

Doctors have also recommended a backup pacemaker and ICD (Implantable Cardioverter-defibrillator), a lifesaving device implanted in the body for patients at risk for fatal cardiac arrhythmias.

Nawaz Sharif also had Echo & Ultrasound for kidneys alongwith Doppler studies for carotid arteries & peripheral vessels.