ISLAMABAD-As many as 36 more people including five doctors, a nurse and a ward boy tested positive for coronavirus in the city bringing the tally to 162 in the district,.

However, the district government officials have issued data of only 17 COVID-19 patients admitted in Rawalpindi Institute of Urology (RIU), Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) and other quarantines.

According to details, a total of 36 coronavirus positive patients including five doctors, a nurse and ward boy working in BBH and DHQ Raja Bazaar landed in RIU, BBH and two military-run hospitals. They said PGT Dr Ayesha Summan, Dr Anmol and Dr Maryam fell victim to COVID-19 during duty hours at BBH and were isolated in quarantines for medical treatment.

A nurse from BBH was also brought to RIU last night for medical treatment after her result came as coronavirus positive. A consultant, pathologist and a ward boy along with his six family members were also isolated for medical treatment.

Similarly, UK returned 43-year-old Wasim Raffique tested positive for coronavirus and moved to RIU from Bucha Village of Gujar Khan, whereas, a female college student was also shifted to RIU from Kallar Syedan after testing positive for Covid19.

Furthermore, a couple was tested positive for coronavirus at Kamabad in Dhoke Syedan after the duo was moved to two military-run hospitals.

They said district health department has also sealed the house of couple and two local clinics where they initially visited for checkup.

In Gujar Khan, a man along with his daughter also tested positive for coronavirus. The patients were moved to RIU by district health department for medical treatment.

Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi Capt (R) Anwaar Ul Haq also confirmed arrival of the female student in RIU from Kallar Syedan saying she is being tested as SOP of government.

Meanwhile, police have sealed the house of Dr Maryam located at RMC Colony.

A spokesman to district government also informed media that RIU, BBH and other quarantines have received some 17 coronavirus positive patients from different parts of district.

On the other hand, Young Doctors Association (YDA) BBH vehemently condemned the administrations of RIU, BBH and government for not providing PP kits to doctors and paramedics. The doctors’ body also raised concerns over findings of used PP kits, masks, gloves and other medical trash in garbage heaps in public places in Rawalpindi.

YDA Rawalpindi also shared on social media that our fellow PGT Dr Ayesha Summan Niazi, was on emergency duty and due to roster change she was on ward duties. After that she got symptoms of coronavirus. Test was done and it came back positive. Then again two House officers Dr Anmol and Dr Maryam Rehan had their duties in ward.

One of them had early symptoms a couple of days ago and her corona test came back positive too. Dr Maryam Rehan had the contact history so her blood test was sent and she tested positive too. They all were sharing the same duty room.

No gloves, PPEs or even surgical masks were provided to them for performing their duties at such high risk areas?