I’ve been wondering for a while why the trend of producing national songs is declining day by day. It’s almost as if the emerging rap music, or chummy Lollywood songs, have left no room for patriotic anthems. I was proven wrong by the video of Sohni Dharti that went viral on internet.

One after the other my Facebook news feed was full of the video which made it almost impossible for me to skip without viewing it. To be very honest, I did not expect a lot from it. I thought it’s going to be the same old: red and black background of the studio with a vocalist giving a shot at ‘melodious’ expressions while singing the song.

I didn’t think it was going to me more than a fast-track billed as a ‘remix’. I was apprehensive about the makers spoiling such a beautiful song. I had already decided that one minute in, if the song did not appeal to me, my review would be absolutely scathing. However, all my preconceived regrets turned into apologies after the first thirty seconds. I felt bad for the criticism that I had made up in my head before experiencing the masterpiece that Coke Studio has created. For me, this is the best way any show could’ve started.

I had no expectations from Coke Studio this time around, since the last two seasons were extremely disappointing. I even started to believe that it’s high time the investors came up with something completely different rather than new seasons of Coke Studio. However, every bit of the song proved my pessimism wrong.

I can say that in my entire lifetime, there hasn’t been any one song that has looked so simple yet effective. What a magical voice and rhythm! The composer managed to weave magic with his strings. He did not even need a strong storyline in the video for his tunes to connect to the listeners’ hearts.

The new video is a visual treat to many. The way the producers have put glittering stars in place, one after the other, according to their abilities and the requirement of song, is what has made the song worth listening. It would not have been such a massive hit if the twenty-nine beautiful voices hadn’t worked in synchrony. Indeed it is difficult to gulp that such a wide array of singers have all contributed to a 5-minute track and still managed to maintain its beauty. Ranging from the heart throb Atif Aslam to new sensations Sara Raza and Nabeel Shaukat Ali, Coke Studio managed to muster all those voices that the fans would die to hear. If this is not an example of how music adds happiness to life, then what is?

Even if the video is set apart, the audio itself had everything to win hearts. Having heard the original version of Sohni Dharti, I never felt as if it could be remade. It always seemed so perfect and versatile enough to fit every era. It was almost as if imagining it in any other form would be a sin. However, the new version, amalgamating soft music tones with very little use of instruments and low notes, has convinced me that this version is even better than the original one. This is indeed an example from which the directors should learn the art of remaking any songs. The maker of this song should be applauded for managing to blend his new ideas and tone with the old lyrics in such a way that they appear to be “made for each other”. 

If this is what Coke Studio 8 is offering in the beginning, I cannot imagine what explosions it has in store for the season.

Such mesmerizing composition of music that Sohni Dharti has come up with is proof that music will always remain in the roots of Pakistan, no matter what the conditions are. With the new wave of progress, peace and stability in the country, it seems as if the musicians too have been impacted by it and are showcasing it in their compositions. Sohni Dharti has turned out to be the best showcase for Pakistani talent, which proves the versatility of each and every singer of different genre uniting on one theme: promoting nationalism.