The jolly and straightforward woman we call Javeria Saud is a multi-talented person. She entered showbiz in 1993 as a Naat reciter and continued to serve it through various talents of hers. In 1995, Javeria switched to acting and did numerous plays, some of them being “Manzilein”, “Anhoni”, “Tipu Sultan”, “Maa”, “Thori Khushi Thora Ghum”, “Khaali Aankhein”, “Harjaaye”, “Piya Ka Ghar Piyara Lage”, “Khala Qulsum Ka Kumba”, “Piyari Shammo”, “Rishte Mohabbaton Ke”, “Saharay” and “Mera Naam Hai Mohabbat”. After her marriage with film-star Saud, she opened her own production house named JJS Productions which made realistic drama serials based on the lives of common men, the most popular being “Yeh Zindagi Hai”. Utilizing her beautiful voice, Javeria also sang the title song of “Yeh Zindagi Hai” along with Ahmad Jahanzeb. Currently, Javeria is acting as a drama writer on Express Entertainment, a channel for which she also does the morning show named “Satrangi”. I asked Javeria a few questions, which are as follows with their answers:

There was a time when you were visible on all the channels, be it GEO, ARY, PTV or Indus Vision. Why did you disappear all of a sudden for some time?

Yes, I left acting in 2001 with my last serial being “Anaa” in which I worked with Indian actors. I had done a diploma in textile designing and I started giving more time and attention to it. There was no specific reason for abandoning acting for some time. I just wanted a change since I had been performing for six years, considering that I entered the drama industry in 1995. It was enough time for me in which I had done a lot of work. I then continued to focus on textile designing. I would make prints, exhibit them and sell them to many textile mills. Then I got married in 2005, a year after which we opened up our own production house. It was for that production house that I started acting again.

When “Yeh Zindagi Hai” started, it became highly popular, but that popularity lessened with time. Why is that so?

When “Yeh Zindagi Hai” started, it started amidst drama serials being made on Indian style of production. The serials would show affluent women wearing heavy jewellery just like in Indian works. Saud and I decided to relate a story which would address the problems of our very own people, especially the poverty-stricken class. These problems, as we planned, would range from matrimonial to financial. It is not that its popularity lessened with time. In this era in which we run after ratings and where dramas are turned down if they do not bring the required rating, “Yeh Zindagi Hai” continued to run for six and a half years at prime time. This is a proof of its consistent popularity. Even when that serial went off air, it was because we ourselves decided not to run it anymore due to some changes in GEO’s management. One thing that I would like to mention is that watching the popularity of “Yeh Zindagi Hai”, all the channels started airing the same kind of content, resulting in the theme and style becoming a little mundane. However, people continued to love “Yeh Zindagi Hai” and that is why we have been sending similar content to different channels as well, which has been accepted. So, there is no such thing as the popularity of the serial being lessened.

How was your experience of working in Zulfiqar Sheikh’s drama serials such as “Maa”, “Khaali Aankhein” and “Thori Khushi Thora Ghum”?

It was a great experience working with Zulfiqar Sheikh and Tasmina Sheikh. Both the husband and wife are extremely humble and well-mannered people who know how to talk to team members politely. They have remained off screen for quite some time now but Saud and I have decided to make a film with Zulfiqar and Tasmina, about which people will get to know soon.

You made a guest appearance in Mehreen Jabbar’s drama serial, “Harjayee”. Do you wish to work more with Mehreen Jabbar?

Yes, my role in “Harjayee” stretched across six episodes and I was also nominated for that role. I would love to work with Mehreen again. It is every artist’s desire to work with the best directors and writers. My problem is that I cannot keep doing the same thing for a long time. That is the reason why I switched to acting from singing and to production from acting. Then I went into screen-writing and song-writing as well. I wrote the lyrics for the OSTs of “Khuda aur Mohabbat”, “Yeh Zindagi Hai”, “Pak Villa”, “Mohabbat Zindagi Hai”, “Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat hai” and “Jeena Sikha Do Humein”. I also act as the art director for all our productions. I wish to utilize all the talents I believe I have been blessed with.

You have your own production house now. Do you have any plans to make a film?

When it comes to film-making, a lot of time is required. We have been busy in some other projects lately, such as my first fashion show which was recently held in Dubai. Salman Khan’s brother, Arbaaz Khan acted as the show-stopper for it. It required a lot of time. We are also planning another show in America in collaboration with Easy Entertainment headed by Saud’s brother. With some of these projects running and some in the pipeline, it was difficult to manage time for a film. That is why we decided to wind up all these shows first and give full attention to film-making so that our film may look like a film and not a drama running in cinemas. 

What do you enjoy the most among singing, acting and hosting?

I am in love with all the talents Allah has blessed me with. I consider all of them as gifts from Him. Not everyone is blessed with so many talents, so I care not to label one blessing as my favourite. I fall in love with whatever I do and feel like continuing it forever. I put my heart and soul into everything and show dedication and honesty. As a result, Allah provides me with success. I cannot thank Him enough for so many abilities.

We always see a very happy and jolly Javeria. Are there any sad stories behind this beaming face of yours?

It is not that people who appear happy did not have their share of grief in life. Vice versa, not every person we see crying has always seen sadness. Happiness and sadness play an equal part in every person’s life. I have been blessed with a caring husband, lovely children, loyal friends, parents and relatives and I keep asking people to give time and attention to their loved ones, which is something I have learnt from my never-ending regret of not being beside my Daadi (paternal grandmother) when she passed away. This is the only thing I feel extremely sad and guilty about. However, one cannot ignore the fact that at times, the pain of a loved one also becomes our own pain. But I feel that lucky are those who feel the pain of others and talk to God for providing them with relief. Grief-stricken people are fortunate, for they get a chance to grow closer to God.

Javeria believes that it is not alone that a person grows successful. His or her success is equally based on the prayers, blessings and support he or she receives from loved ones like parents, siblings and better half. She tells that besides her parents, her husband Saud has also been a very encouraging man.

“It was Saud who motivated me to write drama serials and made me believe in myself as a playwright. My children have also shown support in a way that they have always given me time to rest after my hectic morning-show shoots. I am thankful to my parents, my husband, my children and my friends whom I consider as my best support after Allah.”