MULTAN-People belonging to all walks of life including traders, students, and lawyers marked August 15, Indian Independence Day, as black day to express solidarity with the oppressed Muslims of the held valley here on Thursday.

Dozens of rallies, demonstrations, seminars and other activities took place in Multan to mark the day. A big rally started from Dogar House under the leadership of Chief Whip of National Assembly Malik Aamir Dogar. The rally was jointly organised by Mr Dogar and the district administration. Hundreds of PTI workers and officials of district departments participated in the rally. They chanted slogans against India and demanded immediate withdrawal of her occupation forces from Kashmir. The rally started from Dogar House and ended at Chowk Ghanta Ghar.

Speaking on the occasion, Malik Aamir Dogar, Punjab Minister for Energy Dr Akhtar Malik and others said that India had created a new history of barbarianism in Kashmir. They added that Indian occupation of Kashmir was illegal and the issue should be decided in light of the UN resolutions. They said that Indian occupying forces imposed a curfew in Kashmir seven days ago which was still underway without any break. They pointed out that the people were without food, medicine and water which could result into a horrible human tragedy. They demanded world powers, UN and OIC to take notice of the situation and force India to end the curfew, withdraw steps abolishing independent status of Kashmir and call back her forces. They claimed that the current government raised the issue at international level and today entire world recognised Kashmir issue as a dispute. They declared that the government would take all out steps to support Kashmiris in their just struggle to get liberation from illegal occupation of India.

Meanwhile, speakers at a black day function organised by Awaz District Forum warned India to refrain from waging war against Pakistan. “If they impose war on us, the only mention about them in the history will be once there existed India,” they added. Chairman of the forum Kahlid Mehmood Qureshi, Dr Farooq Langah, Jawad Amin Qureshi and others said that it was the responsibility of international community especially Ummah to press India to give Kashmiris their right to self determination in light of the UN resolutions.

They warned that Indian stubbornness had brought sub-continent at the brink of nuclear war. They declared that Pakistan would not leave Kashmiri brothers alone in this hour of trial and we would translate into reality conversion of Kashmir into Pakistan. They said that our army was fully prepared to discharge its national obligation and entire nation stood by the army. They said that the war had been kicked off by Modi but it would be concluded by Pakistan.

Speakers at another black day activity organised by the Media Foundation said that Modi had turned into Hitler. “He should show some humanity instead of acting like Hitler,” the speakers added. The function was addressed by Maulana Obaidur Rehman, Saima Jasim, Abdul Majid Wattoo, Kh Aziz, Allah Ditta Kashif Bosan, Allama Khalid Mehmood Nadeem and others. They regretted that Indian forces dropped cluster bombs on civilians in Kashmir, cut ration supplies and clamped down curfew. They said that the silence of UN on Indian barbarianism was condemnable. They asked the government to give matching response to India and extend maximum support to Kashmiris.

Meanwhile, the PML-N leaders Sheikh Tariq Rasheed, Sultana Shaheen, Malik Anwar Ali and Shazia Hashmi said that the current government sabotaged Kashmir movement. They maintained that what India did in Kashmir during Imran Khan’s regime it could not dare take any such action during last 70 years. They said that Kashmir was Pakistan’s jugular vein and we could not even imagine of giving it in the jaws of our enemy. They said that Indian oppression and barbarianism could not suppress Kashmiris’ passion for freedom. They declared that entire Pakistani nation stood by Kashmiris.