The White House blamed Putin in computer hacks that disrupted the presidential election and President Obama himself announced reprisals after the charges dismissed as 'indecent' by Moscow.

Barack Obama, who will speak Friday at 14:15 (7:15 p.m. GMT) at a press conference before leaving on vacation in Hawaii, should be questioned at length about these cyber attacks that may have an influence on the election that opposed the Democratic Hillary Clinton Republican Donald Trump.

This controversy is still mounting tensions between Washington and Moscow, a few weeks before the arrival of Donald Trump in power.

"You either stop talking, or finally give evidence. Otherwise, all that is indecent," he told Friday the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov reporters on the sidelines of the movement of President Putin in Tokyo.

One certainty, the United States will not remain without reacting, has announced President Obama in an interview with NPR that will air Friday and excerpts of which were released Thursday evening: "It is clear that if a foreign government whatever, trying to taint the integrity of our elections, then we must act, "Obama pleaded.

"And we will, when and where we will decide," he blurted, pointing out that "some (of the retribution) will be explicit and public, others will not possibly be."

"A whole series of analyses are still ongoing within the different agencies (intelligence)," Obama said on the air of NPR: "When I have the final report, then we will be able have (...) a true idea of ​​the motivations were at work behind this. "

Several Parliamentary Inquiries

If President Obama did not mention Putin in the interview, one of his closest advisers, Ben Rhodes, made Thursday on MSNBC: "I do not think the events as important ramifications occur within the Russian government Vladimir Putin without being aware (...) ultimately, Vladimir Putin is responsible for the Russian government actions. "

From his side Trump has again hinted Thursday that the White House had partisan intentions, accusing Russia of being behind computer hacking against his Democratic rival.

"If Russia or any other entity, was piracy, why the White House she waited so long to act? Why are not complaining after the defeat of Hillary?" Has -he wrote on Twitter.

"It was a month before the election, it was not a secret," he nevertheless insisted a few days ago Barack Obama in an interview, noting that his office had publicly pointed the finger at Moscow October 7 , a month before the election of 8 November.

Donald Trump appears increasingly isolated in its insistence to spare Vladimir Putin, a man he has often praised the leadership qualities and who he wants to warm up relations.

It is extraordinary that the conclusions of US intelligence, CIA to the FBI, and be rejected by a future commander in chief. It goes so against his own party in which the anti-Russian sentiment is more alive than ever.

Congressional Republicans will also launch several parliamentary inquiries into the role of Russia in the US campaign.

For former CIA director Michael Hayden, Donald Trump is "the only American personality not yet conceding that the Russians launched a large clandestine campaign of influence against the United States."

New Start with the Russians

In October, the management of US intelligence (ODNI) estimated that "only senior Russian officials" were able to authorize such activities.

Then, after the election, a CIA report was leaked to the press, this time accusing the Russian government directly to have deliberately tried to elect Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton.

Tens of thousands of messages of Democrat leaders and the president of the Clinton campaign team, John Podesta, were stolen and posted online in 2016, particularly in the last month before the election, casting a harsh light on Clinton camp's internal deliberations and blurring the message of the candidate.

In the entourage of Donald Trump, is assumed to want a fresh start with the Russians.

"If we can work with them on important and necessary projects, such as defeating Islamic terrorism (...) or stop the Islamic state, and if Russia can join the US in this occasion we will listen "said on MSNBC Kellyanne Conway, Trump counselor.