The month of December reminds us of the Army Public School misfortune that took place in Peshawar. This day holds a special place in the hearts of every Pakistani, but for all the wrong reasons. On this 'Black Day' more than 144 people, including innocent children, were gunned down by the monsters disguised in human attire, who did not to think for a second before killing a child.

Now, four years have gone by since the APS incident, but still the catastrophe was unforgettable. Even though today whenever we watch those clips and glimpses of that atrocious attack on our television, we still get goosebumps as we cannot even imagine or begin to understand the depressed conditions of the mothers of those martyred children.

We cannot even fathom the feeling the mothers must be going through when their children were snatched from their lap by extremists. It was one of the most horrific days in the history of Pakistan when the terrorists opened fire on the defenseless little angles who would have never, even in their wildest imaginations, would have thought that they would be victims to such an attack.

The images of those bloodied classrooms and uniforms clearly depicted the helpless situation of the people who had faced that terror. The entire nation remembers the martyrs of Army Public School and empathized with their families. They will always remain in our hearts.

We have not wasted the blood of martyrs, as we salute them for their courage and braveness and prayed to Allah Almighty that may the world never have to witness a day like this again.