ISLAMABAD-You are what you eat. We often get so involved in our lives that we ignore taking care of our bodies. In conversation with one of the top certified fitness trainers, Dr Waseem, I realised how life style modification can revolutionise our lives for good. After doing MBBS from Wah Medical College, he did his house job from POF Hospital, Wah Cantt. Instead of opening up a clinic, he started a gym since he wanted to convert his passion into a profession.

Recalling his teenage, he said, “I was obese; perhaps I inherited it from the family. I really wanted to get into good shape that I started starving. I lost weight but at the same time, lost muscle mass too. Back in those days, the concept of personal training was not this common. I joined a gym and since I had studied anatomy and physiology already, I started researching on nutrition and bio-mechanics. I implemented those diet plans and work outs on myself to achieve decent physique. Once I understood how it works out, I realised overcoming obesity cuts your risk for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases too.

It is rarely known that diabetes can be reversed through diet management and exercise contrary to the belief that diabetes is a progressive disease. Still, doctors here start treating diabetes only through medications. Even if this disease has progressed to a higher stage, it can still be controlled through exercise and the amount of medication can be reduced to quite an extent and later can be eliminated but with a change in lifestyle. Remember, nothing can be achieved overnight and without effort.

Exercise can not only treat diabetes but can also treat other non-communal diseases as well. Majority of doctors still review lifestyle modification as last resort, to be tried after putting patients on life saving drugs. Most drugs can be dangerous. Their side effects are becoming one of the leading causes of deaths worldwide. 

My focus is on nutrition, implementing an effective diet plan. I guide my clients on what, how much and when to consume their nutrition for long term and permanent results.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, fat burners and anabolic are used by trainers to achieve fast results and nutrition is overlooked. Public awareness has to be made among chefs and managers in restaurants, cafes too. There should be options for health conscious people or people with health issues.

Self-control is not over night. Cravings occur and resistance is learnt with time. The ideal diet plan is flexible and in balance. Quitting bad eating habits is the best favour you can give to your organs. Avoid processed foods.

Talking about the importance of joining a gym, Dr Waseem stressed, “Working out at gym is a powerful antidote to any upsetting thoughts which cause depression and anxiety. Anxiety is on a rise and also occurring due to limited outdoor activities. Anxiety patients begin taking pills or having emergency checkups like ECG. Over thinking can be a killer. This creates more panic, while the only way out is to change the course of their life. Regular exercise releases hormones of endorphins which make you feel happy.”

Peshawar born celebrity trainer Dr Waseem revealed his secret that he makes the transformation journey of his clients pleasant. “The more flexible the plan the more easily it can be followed and implemented. In a survey conducted on 60 years and above, they were asked about their worst fear. The expected answer was death, however; the answer was being dependent in old age. Therefore this can be reversed.

Resistance training and diet plans can and have achieved positive results irrespective of age. My training career has spanned over 6 years and has also led to online training. My goal is also to see a healthier Pakistan.”

You can learn more about Dr Waseem’s life changing plans by joining his facebook page and youtube channel. Hope should never be lost. He believes, “The smart age has considerably reduced active lifestyle. I encourage increasing outdoor activities like hiking, taking long walks, going for family picnics. Even 20 minutes of daily exercise is better than sitting on the couch and fondling with your phone.”

–The writer is a performing artist, motivational speaker and social activist. He could be followed at