HAFIZABAD-Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Sunday said that the successive rulers had pushed the national economy to decline and put it on ventilator due to their loot and plunder of national exchequer, especially during the past ten years. “That’s why the masses are suffering multiple problems due to price hike today.”

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan stated while addressing the oath-taking ceremony of the office bearers of the District Press Club here Sunday evening.

The SAPM claimed that but the present PTI Government has devised various steps due to which economic indicators have started showing healthy signals, adding that time is not far when the masses would be provided relief and they would realise fruit of the economic turnaround.

She said that journalism is a sacred profession and called upon the journalists to perform their duties honestly, impartially and with commitments to play their vital role for resolution of the problems of their area as well as to create healthy society.

She announced Rs1 million as donation for extension in the Press Club building and said that a uniform policy is being formulated for the provision of Health Card to the journalists. Referring to the demand for establishment of Housing Colony for journalists in Hafizabad, she directed the Deputy Commissioner to make proposal for the Housing Colony.

She said that agriculture revolution is inevitable to make the country self sufficient in food as well as ameliorate the lot of growers, adding that efforts are being made to promote tunnel farming, fishery and livestock by providing subsidy on improved seeds, fertilisers and electricity to the farmers to increase their food output. Moreover, the present government has increased the support price for wheat to Rs1,365 per and several steps are being taken to increase sugarcane production. She disclosed that PTI Government has included agriculture sector in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor for the promotion of agriculture sector.

She said that government has sent Nawaz Sharif abroad for medical treatment purely on humanitarian grounds while Shehbaz Sharif has proceeded as a facilitator. She said that they should return to Pakistan to face their cases. She said that it is ridiculous that Shehbaz Sharif claimed that he has not made corruption of “Dhaila and Dhaumri” and added that it is a fact that he has not looted Dhaila and Dhaumri but made corruption of billion of rupees by money laundering and kickbacks. She urged the facilitator (Shahbaz Sharif) to attend to his chamber in the National Assembly for which he had strived to get the slot of Opposition Leader. She urged them to return to Pakistan and respect the law and return the plundered wealth of the nation. Referring to the speeches of Bilawal Bhutto, she said that if Bhutto was alive the poor would have died due to negative approach of PPP and loot and plunder by its leader in the past. She advised Bilawal to wait for four years and declared that Imran Khan would again come to power after five years due to his vision and determination to weed out corruption and mitigate the sufferings of the masses in the country.

She criticised PPP for ruining Karachi in general and Sindh in particular and it has miserably failed to remove ‘katchra’ from Karachi and resolve other problems of the citizens.

She said that PTI believed in justice and fair play and was working above self and it was imperative for the opposition leaders to refrain from futile attempts by putting aside national interest to achieve their personal interests.