ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Party chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari yesterday said the PPP would continue to fight for the rights and freedom of all Pakistanis.

Paying rich tribute to the innocent martyrs of Army Public School, Peshawar on the 5th anniversary of the tragic attack that resulted in deaths of 132 students at the hands of terrorists, the PPP chairman said that extremism and terrorism were enemies of peace and human development.

“Those who facilitated and sponsored the scourge of terrorism had committed crimes against humanity and it was the responsibility of us as a nation to say ‘never again’,” he said in a message.

Bilawal said extremism and terrorism had been used as a tool to advance certain vested interests and impose specific agendas in an attempt to hold the citizens of our nation hostage to constant fear.

Bilawal said the PPP had always maintained its stance against terrorism and had been bold and clear in its message that the people of Pakistan deserved to live their lives, free from threats to personal and religious freedoms.

Says Zardari will never compromise on his principles

The PPP had suffered greatly for its stand as its leadership and workers were martyred in this fight against authoritarianism in all its forms, he added.

The PPP chairman said the killings of innocent children at APS Peshawar “will continue to haunt us and will remain as a black-spot in the history of our nation unless we fight back against forces that not just commit but also aid and abet terrorism.”

Bilawal pointed out that the nation had paid heavily in its struggle against terrorists and their dictatorial enablers. “Amongst the blood of the 60,000 innocent victims of terrorism is also the blood of Benazir Bhutto, who was assassinated for standing up to terrorism and the dictatorship that enabled and bred it,” he said.

He pledged that the PPP would continue to be on the forefront in the battle against extremism and terrorism.

Agencies add: He said Bhutto’s third generation was facing trial. He added that masses were the real source of power and his party could not tolerate injustice to the people.

Addressing party workers convention in Quetta on Sunday, he said that Bhutto’s third generation was facing trial, adding that former president and party’s Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari will never compromise on his principles.

The PPP chairman said that his father and former president couldn’t be pressurized even after he wasn’t provided medical facilities for six months, adding that even his aunt Faryal Talpur was kept in Adiala Jail.

Bilawal went on to say that trial of Sindh’s cases was being conducted in Rawalpindi, adding the rulers were thinking that they could silent their voice through injustice.

“We will make people’s government with the support of general public,” he said and added his party would give a strong message to the world that the people were the real source of power and they did not accept the selected government.