GUJRANWALA - Pakistan is facing the worst crisis and if proper measures were not taken it will pose serious threats to sovereignty of the state in next five years.

Addressing a public gathering here on Friday, Tehreek-e-Minhajul Quran (TMQ) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri said Constitution of Pakistan was being violated but this practice must stop now.

Qadri said his party would resist any cheap attempts to violate mandate of the people. He said silent majority of the country must exercise its right to vote and vote to the right person.  Qadri said he would nominate his man in the upcoming elections and people should vote for him.  “Plunderers, exploiters, fake degree-holders and landlords are occupying the state and have pushed the country to the brink of disaster and perpetual darkness,” he added.

“We should strive for changing the future of the country by liberating it from the cruel clutches of exploiters and plunderers,” the TMQ chief said, adding, he would create awareness among people about Article 62 and 63 of the Constitution.

“Pakistan is not a terrorist state. It is a land of peace and peace-loving people with huge potential to become a great nation but they are not being provided opportunities on merit,” Qadri was of the view. He said skilled and talented people were going abroad to make career which was causing a brain drain from the society. He said investors were not willing to invest in Pakistan which was another proof that country was heading towards disaster.

Qadri critcised the functioning of state institutions and said it reflected hollowness of the system.

“I came here to liberate the masses from the cruel clutches of mafias controlling the state,” he claimed.

Outlining his idea of a state, he said, “We aspire for a society where the sanctity of the state and vote will be ensured and everyone will be given his due right making it a moderate peace-loving glorious nation.”