Lahore: Two teenage boys, of Samanabad, have been missing since Feb 11 after leaving goodbye letters behind for their families.

Mehtbur Rehman Akram, 17, and Moeez ur Rehman, 19, are the students of class 9 in Government Central Model School, Samanabad.

An FIR has been registered against unidentified people into the missing of the boys.

According to their families, Mehtab and Moeez get dressed on Sunday morning and left the notes before leaving their houses for yet-to-know destinations. According to their friends, each one of them had around Rs30,000 with them. Where did they get the money from is a big question? They belong to middle-class families.

“He awoke a bit early (on Sunday). I asked him if he was going to offer Fajar. When he said yes, I asked him to lay beside me as there was some time left for adhan,” says the father of Mehtab.

“I think as soon as I slept, he sneaked out of the room,” he added.

“He had pressed his clothes a day earlier. He was getting ready for some event. I noticed it but I thought he would be doing this for a cricket match as he always goes out to play a cricket match on Sunday morning,” says the sister of Mehtab.

“I didn’t know he would not come back,” she sobbed.

“I woke up to offer Fajar when I saw the letter hanging with the switchboard,” said his mother crying.

“I rushed to the room to inform everyone,” she said adding that “we had started looking for them by 6:30 in the morning.”

As per the initial investigation, police has arrested Shahroz, a student of class 10, whose handwriting matches with that of Moeez’s letter.