RAHIM YAR KHAN - The Supreme court of Pakistan has ordered the holding of new elections of Rahim Yar Khan Chamber of Commerce and Industry on January 18, after cancelling the results of its September 2012 elections.

According to the results of September 2012 Elections for the 10 executive member seats, Friends Business Forum got four seats while the Founders Group won six seats. After the elections, FBF had challenged the 10 votes of FG cast through authority letter and 2 votes of FG despite excluded from voters’ list in the Lahore High Court.

Earlier, the FG adopted their version first in the LHC Bahawalpur bench and later in the SC that their two executive members Muzaffar Saleem and Ms Yasmeen will not cast their votes as executive members in elections of RYKCCI because their names were struck off from the voters’ list of the RYKCCI. So the SC should order for the presidential elections of the RYKCCI but Qazi Bilal Ahmed from FBF said the 10 votes of FG on the basis of authority letter are illegal and unconstitutional. Thus, 3 to 4 candidates of FBF lost the elections by 2 to 5 votes. So the RYKCCI elections should be cancelled and new elections should be ordered.