A blame game for the ‘murder’ of Benazir Bhutto has erupted between Bilawal and Musharraf where Bilawal holds Musharraf as the murderer and Musharraf throws the blame squarely on the shoulders of Zardari. If Musharraf was the killer why was he not tried for it by the PPP government? There are tons and tons of evidence available which if sifted even cursorily could easily pinpoint the real culprit. A very simple question that comes to one’s mind is, “would BB have died had she not showed up out of the roof hatch of the bulletproof vehicle?” The most probable answer is “no” as the other five in the vehicle survived the blast. Then who asked her to stand up and show herself out of the roof hatch? Most certainly not Musharraf.


Rawalpindi, January 1.