KARACHI - Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) employees’ unions and officers association, on Monday threatened to stop their services at all airports of the country till removal of director general of the authority.

The various employees unions of PCAA including CBA union under the umbrella of Joint Action Committee staged a protest outside headquarter of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority, Karachi Airport on Monday. The unions demanded to remove the sitting Director General of the authority on immediate basis because of his pathetic attitude and posting from other department despite various senior officials are awaiting to posting to the slot.

Chairman CBA union of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority Rao Aslam while talking to The Nation told that nearly eight hundred and fifty officers of PCAA had already in written letter declined to work under the current director general of the authority.

He said that earlier a week advisor of Prime Minister Pakistan for Aviation, assured the employees and officers that an action will be taken and the demands of the employees be fulfilled within few days.

But despite the assurances not a single action is witnessed in last ten days and even Director General was sent to Katmandu to an official visit.

The employees unions and officers association decided to start again their protest as on Sunday employees and officers staged protest outside the Karachi Press Club and another protest at headquarter of the authority on Monday morning”.

Rao Aslam further said that if the concern authority will not fulfill their demands till next 48 hours then they will extend their protest and stop the services at all airports of the country in first phase of the protest. In second phase of the protest union employees will use the option of “Flight Go Slow” as around 5000 thousand flight which use the route under the premises of Pakistan will face billion of rupees burden in account of extra fuel and all flights schedules will also be delayed.  On the other side, several officers of PCAA on condition of anonymity told that the agenda of the protest drive is fake and bogus because some corrupt officers were behind the drive.

They said that sitting Director General has taken several powers in his hand minimizing opportunities of corruption in the authority.

They further said that sitting Director General has focused to make Islamabad new airport operational soon with his personal interest and corrupt officers are creating hurdles in the completion of the airport because the contractor are directly contacting to Director General of PCAA causing obstruction in their commission.