KARACHI - The management of Pakistan Steel Mills is not only claiming that the production units have been shut down due to low gas pressure supplied by SSGC, but it is also posing grave damage to the Complex Plant Machinery.

According to the spokesman, SSGC has reduced the gas pressure to 0.8 to 1.0 kg cm² against the agreement of 5 kg cm². This situation exits from 10th June 2015 due to which only few production units are put on pre-heat and other have been shut down which is on crisis like situation.

Moreover, it is imperative to mention that Pakistan Steel has principal amount of only Rs.18 billion payable to SSGC and Rs.17 billion is Late Payment Surcharge. It is pertinent to mention that in ECC meeting of April 2012 and in April 2014, it was decided in principal that the principal amount will be frozen for 2-years and Re-schedule for 10-years and Late Payment Surcharge will be waived-off. However, concerned departments and Ministries along with Finance Ministry and Privatisation Commission can sit and resolve the issue amicably.

Pakistan Steel management has written several letters to aware the concerned authorities about the situation and the affects of low gas pressure by SSGC.

It is worth mentioning that an agreement was made to normalise the gas pressure immediately by 6th of July 2015, but unfortunately the situation is same as on 10th June 2015. It was also decided that Pakistan Steel will pay the current gas bill on regular basis to SSGC.