HARIPUR: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) councilor Hina Akhtar and a man have been arrested in Bakhshish Elahi, a journalist, murder in Haripur. On Saturday they were remanded by court.

In June, Bakhshish Elahi, the bureau chief of an Urdu newspaper, was killed by unidentified motorcyclists near Lora Chowk.

Bakhshish’s brother had filed a case and the Haripur police arrested two suspects, PTI councilor Hina Akhtar on a reserved seat, and Hanif Akhtar. Both were presented before a judicial magistrate.

According to the trial, Hina contacted Hanif, who happens to be a journalist too and the bureau chief of another Urdu paper. Hina and Hanif had personal differences with Elahi and wanted him “out of the way”.

According to Hina Akhtar’s statement before the magistrate, she had offered to pay Rs0.5 million to Hanif to have Elahi killed. She had paid him Rs0.1 million and said that she would pay the rest of the money later.

The case has been transferred to the anti-terrorism court by the judicial magistrate.