Islamabad - Former unified light-welterweight world champion Amir Khan responding to the call for donations by the Chief Justice of Pakistan for the construction of dams in Pakistan, announced Rs 1 million for the dam construction fund and promised to do whatever he could to help Pakistan construct dams.

   While talking exclusively to The Nation from USA, where Amir is preparing for his next bout, Amir stated that Justice Saqib Nisar had done a tremendous job by initiating the fund to build dams to help the people of Pakistan in generating safe drinking water.

He said, “I discussed with my friends about how I could help in this regard, once my fight is over, I will be flying to Pakistan to physically present the donation and help the people of Pakistan in the best possible manner”.

He further said, “It is a huge step and I would love to be a part of this as my parents belong to Pakistan. Pakistanis are in a dire need of water, as water reserves are depleting fast and already the reserve wires are shrinking, before I leave for Pakistan, I will definitely hold fund raisers to generate the maximum amount of funds for the construction of dams in Pakistan.

I would love to meet CJ Saqib Nisar, who has taken this initiative and to make sure that this project goes ahead”.

It is pertinent to mention here that Amir Khan began social work through Amir Khan Foundation, a few years ago and he has previously donated money and other items for different social activities not only in Pakistan but in the other parts of the world as well, Amir further said, “I am very busy in preparing for my next fight, but I found out through social media and other sources that Pakistan is facing an acute water shortage and clean drinking water is hardly available even in the major cities”.

He further said, “I request all the celebrities, high-profile people and the locals to show their support and also the international community, including the expats like me to donate generously for the dam fund.

Currently, I am donating Rs 1 million, but Insha’Allah after the fight, I will donate more, this is a crisis situation and we should all join hands and contribute towards this national cause.”