ISLAMABAD  -   Pakistan People’s Party leader Senator Rehman Malik yesterday said that Pakistan was proud of its ties with China.

Speaking to Lijian Zhao at a meeting here, acting Ambassador of China in Pakistan, he said every Pakistani was proud of Sino-Pak friendship as China had always extended timely support to Pakistan in every difficult time.

Senator Malik thanked China for its strongest support to Pakistan. He said that Pakistan will ensure that China Pakistan Economic Corridor continues to progress with full speed as CPEC was a great bond between China and Pakistan. “This route will benefit both Pakistan and China and the whole region,” he added.

Chinese acting Ambassador Lijian Zhao said that he was happy to visit Senator Malik as the relationship between China and Pakistan and the tie between the Communist Party of China and the PPP had always remained ideal. 

He said that CPEC was in initiated when Asif Ali Zardari was the President of Pakistan and fully supported the project for the benefit of the people of both countries and whole region.

Senator Malik said that the recent production added to our national grids has facilitated to overcome the shortage of electricity which was impossible without support of China government and companies.

He appreciated the efforts of Chinese acting Ambassador Lijian Zhao in facilitating Pakistan mangoes to China which is one of the popular fruit of Pakistan.

Both discussed that both China and Pakistan need to have some more cultural interaction and exchange of students within both countries, said a statement released after the meeting.