ISLAMABAD - American mountaineer of British-origin Vanessa O Brien has said that she will wave Pakistani flag as a mark of respect to this beautiful country, if she manages to scale down K-2 on her third attempt.

Vanessa announced this during a press conference here at a local hotel on Thursday and said: “I have tried twice to scale down K-2 in the past too but fail due to one or another reason.” She has scale down 7 mountains of as many continents and she did in only 10 months time.

The American termed Pakistan as completely peaceful and safe country. “I am here to promote the sports-loving image of this country. Pakistan is scaling down new heights and it is the best share market in Asia.”

“I always find love and respect, whenever I visit Pakistan and I know more than 10 million foreigners come every year to this country to visit northern areas. Last year, huge ice rocks fell, which were very dangerous and prevented me from fulfilling my ambition and dream of scaling down K-2,” she added.

She said: “To scale down K-2, we need an estimated expenditure of $55,000 each on 4 to 20 member team while weather in and around K-2 is extreme and it is the third most dangerous peak of the world, so weather will be one of the most immediate threats I have to face. Strong breeze measuring from 140km per hour blow at K-2, and it requires 110 percent special efforts to scale down this wonderful peak.

“It is completely different to scale down K-2 and scaling down 7 mountains in 7 different continents. This peak has its own significance, which no other peak can take. It is like the best dream of my life to come to Pakistan and scale down K-2m,” Vanessa concluded.