One wonders that why Pakistan is backward despite enormous resources? A number of reasons can be cited as an answer to this perennial question. But, one most important and neglected reason that should have been given due consideration is: backwardness of social sciences in Pakistan. Somehow, we are developed in other sciences e.g. nuclear technology that only a handful of countries possess. However, it is not enough; we have to do more. Majority of our youth tend to become doctors and engineers but only few prefer to build their career in social sciences. But, interestingly, almost half of those who fail to build their career as doctors and engineers come to join social sciences.

Development of society and creating awareness among people requires social norms, values, right and duties. For Pakistan, it is quite necessary to promote social sciences in order to fulfil its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

It is high time that the government formulated policies for promoting social sciences.


Karachi, May 26.