Regretfully, FPSC continuously ignores the second largest city (Hyderabad) of Sindh province and has not established a test centre here since long for general recruitment. Many aspirants remain deprived of appearing in different tests. Even though aspirants protested many times and made complaints in black & white to authorities, all their efforts ended in smoke.

Currently, only two cities, Karachi & Sukkur, have FPSC test centres. Whereas aspirants of Hyderabad, Mirpukhas & Nawabshah divisions face a lot of troubles just to sit in the test, like travelling & transportation, bearing the unnecessary cost of stay & food. Moreover, it is a bit hard for aspirants from remote locations to find out the test centres in Karachi & sometimes causes delay to reach there.

Therefore, it is the dire need of an hour to consider Hyderabad city as a test centre for FPSC recruitment tests.


Hyderabad, June 11.