ANKARA : Washington’s strong reaction against Turkey over its decision to purchase Russia’s S-400 missile defence system may reinforce disputes within the NATO alliance, according to an analyst. The tensions between Turkey and the US will result in greater Turkish military cooperation with Russia, said Karol Wasilewski, Turkey analyst at the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM). It will also result in more US limitations on military cooperation with Turkey, Wasilewski said. His comments come at a time when tensions between the two countries may rise further as the delivery date approaches for the Russian S-400 system, which is scheduled for next month.

“A stronger US reaction may also reinforce disputes within the alliance, given the expected opposition of some countries,” he said, citing Germany as an example.

It is said that possible US sanctions against Turkey may spur tensions within the alliance due to the large trade volume Turkey has with another NATO member, Germany.

Wasilewski also underlined that the decision to acquire the Russian system is part of Turkey’s desire to achieve “strategic autonomy”.

“By 2053, Turkey wants its arms industry to be self-sufficient, which has forced the country to systematically reduce its dependence on Western suppliers, currently dominant in arms transactions, and acquire new technologies,” he said.

Wasilewski said one of the crucial aspects that facilitated Turkey’s S-400 transaction was Russia’s willingness to include technology transfer, in contrast to Western allies’ proposals, which failed to meet Turkey’s military demands.