ISLAMABAD - The opposition in Monday’s National Assembly sitting feared that the government would soon unveil a mini-budget and impose more taxes on the masses.

The opposition also blamed incumbent government for irresponsibly dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, which may lead to the creation of troublesome situations in the month of August. In response, the government urged the opposition to suggest an alternative plan to deal with the dangerous virus.

PML-N’s parliamentary leader Khwaja Muhammad Asif, opening debate on federal budget 2020-21, viewed that the federal government would present mini-budget and impose new taxes on masses.

“What was wrong in increasing salaries and pensions of government servants,” he said, blaming that main government officials have a career history with them as mercenaries.

The former minister, in absence of opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif, who recently tested Corona positive, compared the economic figures of both the government [PML-N government and Incumbent governments].

He said that there was no significant economic achievement in the last two years of this government.

“Tax revenue has not increased in two year of this government,” he said, mentioning that the ratio of unemployment has increased in the current government era. This budget would not help providing relief to the masses. He asked the government to put the names of Hafeez Sheikh and Dr.Baqir in Exit Control Lists (ECL).

Opposition accuses PTI of mismanagement, PTI asks for alternative

He said the incumbent government has failed in tax collection despite its tall claims. “MNAs in the rank of PTI are confused to defend its party’s policies,” he said and feared that there was no progress in economic growth in this government.

About alleged political vendetta, he said there was a long list of accountability cases for the members of PML-N and PPP.

“In the current government era it has become a taunt for me and Ayaz Sadiq, as except us most of the opposition members have been arrested in different cases,” he commented.

He was of the view that the government would make an attempt to hide behind the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

He blamed Rs90 crore spent for the quarantine centre, which was made at am expo centre. “Why was this quarantine centre closed after spending Rs90 crore,” he questioned.

About statements of the Prime Minister regarding COVID-19, he said that there was so much confusion in each statement.

Giving the reference of a study, he feared that the death toll might increase in the month of August. He said the government in three months has badly failed to control coronavirus in the country because of its wrong policies.

Asif said that the government and had not made any alternative medium to question Shehbaz Sharif. “Shehbaz Sharif got infected with coronavirus because despite requests no alternative arrangement was made for him to avoid exposing himself in the crowd,” he said.

Lauding the doctors working in difficult situations during the crisis, he dubbed them ‘frontline soldiers’ and requested giving them insurance cover.

Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Asad Umar, responding to the concerns raised by senior opposition member, asked the opposition to share an alternative plan with them to deal with Coronavirus.  “We are being criticized for lifting lockdowns. Suggest ways through which the daily wagers and workers would survive.”

About accountability of opposition by NAB, Minister said that PTI government had not made NAB and its chairman was also appointed by PML-N and PPP-P in its tenure.

About allegations on Abdul Hafeez Shaikh and governor State Bank, the minister asked the opposition to decide that no party would follow those leaders who have their properties outside the country.

He also came down hard on the leadership of PML-N, saying that Nawaz Sharif went abroad on fake reports of platelets, and presented a Qatari letter in his support when he was asked to give details of resources of his income.

“Now Shahbaz Sharif is swearing before Chaudhry Nisar that London flats belong to Nawaz Sharif,” he said, adding that there were also billions of rupees Benami properties of Shahbaz Sharif in the name of his servants.