BEIJING - The 11-day National People’s Conference concluded here on Sunday with the 3,000 delegates voting in favour of China’s annual budget and Premier Li Keqiang’s economic report.

The budget includes a raise of 10.1 percent in annual military spending. Last year, China had increased its defence budget by 12.2 percent. departments. The NPC is the top lawmaking body of the country besides having powers of electing president and premier and to question government work reports.

Besides a number of other issues, the session discussed measures to boost a slowing economy that last experienced its lowest growth rate in 25 years with an expansion of just 7.4 percent.

Speaking at a press conference after the conclusion of the meeting, Premier Li said that development was top priority of China. He said “China needs to run its own affairs well and maintain its development at a reasonable speed. I believe that in itself is China’s major contribution to the whole world.”

Responding to a query, the premier was of the view that China was as a developing country and it was not the world’s largest economy. He said the country was still lagging far behind others in terms of GDP per capita.

The premier also reiterated the government’s vow to curb the menace of pollution which was most discussed issue in China nowadays. Premier Li said, “The Chinese government is determined to tackle smog and pollution.”

Earlier, during the session a couple of days ago, President Xi said, “We are going to punish, with an iron hand, violators who destroy ecology or environment, with no exceptions.”

He had also advised his country mates to protect ecology and environment like to “care one’s own eyes and life.”