Lahore- At least two more people were killed and six others were injured today, when a car ran over protestors in a second day of protests, against twin suicide bombings of churches that killed 15people yesterday.

TV channels footage showed chaotic scenes at Ferozpur Road, where a black car ran over protestors killing two people and injuring six others. Some 5,000 Christians rallied in Lahore today, blocking roads and shouting anti-government slogans, in a second day of protests against twin Taliban suicide bombings of churches that killed 17 people and injured 77 others, in Youhanabad area.

Protests turned violent in different cities including Lahore and Gujranwala. Angry crowd in Youhanabad threw rocks at passing cars, smashing their windows. Metro Bus service was suspended when angry protestors armed with clubs blocked main Ferozpur Road. Some of the protestors hurled stones and empty bottles on civilians and subjected them to torture.  A heavy contingent of policemen arrived at the scene and baton-charged the protestors, to control the situation.

Protest demonstrations were also held near Canal Road, Gulberg, Bund Road, Bhatta Chowk and other areas.

In Gujranwala, protestors blocked Bypass Chowk and held rallies in Francis Abad, Awan Chowk and Sheranwala Bagh. Some were also seen looting a vehicle loaded with beverages, while nearby shops was forcefully closed. Angry mob also gathered at Chanda Qilla Bypass and smashed windows of several vehicles. Moreoever, 15 protestors were detained for damaging public property in Gujranwala.

Sunday's attacks in the Youhanabad neighborhood of the eastern city sparked mob violence in which two other suspected militants were killed, with Christians smashing up cars and a bus station in a rare show of anger from the persecuted minority group.

Special prayers were meanwhile planned at churches throughout the country, as well as candle-light vigils by Christian groups and members of civil society.