LONDON-Elizabeth Hurley thinks Meghan Markle ‘looks incredibly princess-y’. The ‘Royals’ actress is very excited about the former ‘Suits’ star’s upcoming wedding to Prince Harry and is looking forward to the day when the couple start a family. She told People magazine: ‘’I think it’s excellent news. Meghan looks incredibly princess-y, and hopefully there will be lots more mini princes and princesses soon for the world to drool over.’’ The 52-year-old star loves wearing a crown to play Queen Helena in ‘The Royals’, so her best advice to Meghan was headwear-related. She said: ‘’I’d tell her to grab the best tiara. I may buy myself one.’’ Meanwhile, Elizabeth - who has 16-year-old son Damian from a previous relationship - has only just grown to realise that her friends in the US are baffled by some of the English words and phrases she regularly used.

The British star - who has created the Royal Social Dictionary for popular game Words With Friends - said: ‘’I lived in America for 10 years and constantly used all the words that I’ve added to Words With Friends. I had no idea that nobody understood what I was saying.

‘’My American friends must have thought I was very odd when I’d announce that I’d just ‘dropped a clanger’ or was ‘feeling knackered.’

And the ‘Austin Powers’ star has a particular favourite word she wants to see grow in usage in the States.

She said: ‘’Americans have to start using the word ‘naff.’ It’s the best word ever.

‘’You use it when you think something is cheesy - but it’s more derisory. You definitely don’t want to be described as ‘naff!’ ‘’