LAHORE - The Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society has disowned Col (retired) Inam-ur-Rahim, the so-called convener of the society, stating the man has vested interests and he is playing into the hands of anti-Pakistan elements.

According to a press release issued on Thursday, a meeting of the central working committee of the Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society was held under the chairmanship of its president Lt-Gen (retd) Faiz Ali Chishti.

 “We have noticed with regret that some Pakistani newspapers are portraying Col (retd) Inam-ur-Rahim as the convener of Legal Forum, Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society. We make it clear that there is no such post in the organisation,” said a press statement issued soon after the meeting. The statement added that ex-servicemen were supposed and required to be dealt with according to the law of the country as part of the civil society.

Reportedly, the colonel was on his way back from Khushab district in a taxi when the driver of the taxi had a scuffle with another driver in front of a military hospital in Rawalpindi.

The ex-officer tried to resolve the issue, but he got involved in the fight. As a result, he sustained some bruises. In order to gain political mileage and take advantage of the situation, Col (retd) Inam created an impression that the incident took place because he had had filed a petition in the court.

According to insiders, many of the participants of the meeting expressed anger over the actions of the ex-serviceman, stating that the man was a fanatic and trying to damage the repute of the country’s defense system.

It is important to mention here that Lt-Col (retd) Inam is being portrayed in the local media as the convener of Ex-Servicemen Legal Forum, which, according to the Ex-Servicemen Society, is false.

Ex-Servicemen Society Secretary General Col (retd) Tariq Kamal told The Nation by phone that the society members unanimously expressed reservations over the actions of Col (retd) Inam-ur-Rahim who, in the capacity of the convener of the Ex-Servicemen Legal Forum, challenged in the Islamabad High Court extension in service given to Army chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.

In his petition, Rahim mentioned that the forum was of the opinion that the extension was “immoral and unconstitutional.” The ex-serviceman also asked the court to set aside the extension and send Kayani home.

According to a member of the society, who wished not to be named, some vested interests are using Col (retd) Inam-ur-Rahim to defame the Pakistan Army.