MANDI BAHAUDDIN-People urged the government to set up more medical colleges as the country is faced with the shortage of doctors, and to pay half of the fees of the students enrolled in the private medical colleges to ease the burden on their parents.

They said that there are a total 86 medical colleges in Pakistan including 38 of public and 50 of private sector. Around 3,000 students get admissions to the government colleges fee structure is affordable for the parents of average income. However, the fee structure of the private colleges is not affordable for the poor people. Thus dreams of their children remain unfulfilled.

The government is spending huge amounts on the construction of new hospitals and expansion of existing medical facilities. Still, there is shortage of doctors in various hospitals. Thus, government should set up more medical colleges , they demanded. Besides, the government should also consider bearing half of the expenditures of the students studying in private colleges, they said.