LAHORE      -    Jamaat-e-Islami chief Senator Sirajul Haq has asked the government to lead a freedom convoy to the Line of Control in support of the besieged people of Indian-occupied Kashmir (IOK).

“Kashmiris are under siege for more than 100 days. A human disaster has emerged due to the shortage of food and medicines. The only objective of the freedom convoy is to ensure supply of food and medicines to the people of the occupied area,” he said while addressing a training session for the JI workers at Mansoora on Friday.

“the under siege people deserve to live,” he said, adding the situation in the held region was turning worst with every day passing and the people were starving to death.

The proposed freedom convoy, he suggested, should comprise the representatives of the UN, the OIC and international human rights organizations and it should deliver food and medicines to the Kashmiris at the LoC.

The JI chief termed the government silence on Kashmir dubious, saying the rulers were intentionally allowing India to solidify its position on the held region. He warned the rulers against New Delhi designs to change the demography of the occupied region.

“Modi has intensified his plan to change the demographic composition of the held Kashmir and he is bent upon converting the Muslim majority into minority,” he said.

It was not too late to give a befitting reply to India, he said, adding Pakistan could not afford another tragedy similar to the fall of Dhaka. Kashmir, he said, was a jugular vein and a matter of life and death for the country. Surrendering Kashmir to India would have worst implications for Pakistan both in terms of ideology and economy, he said.