HYDERABAD  -  Flour emerged as the largest selling item in the 2 bachat bazaars set up in Latifabad and Tandojam areas on Sunday.

The Assistant Commissioner (AC) Latifabad Ishtiaq Ali Mangi told media that around 14,000 flour bags of 10 kilogram each were sold at the market including 7,500 of flour from the Atta Chakkis and 6,500 from the flour mills.

The former was priced Rs48 per kg and the later at Rs42.

Likewise, AC Hyderabad Rural taluka Qandeel Memon informed the media that 8,000 flour bags were sold at the bazaar set up by her in Tandojam.

Those bags were also priced Rs42 and Rs48.

Mangi told that around 30 stalls of flour, rice, sugar, oil, pulses, fruits, vegetables, soft drinks, water and garments, among other items, were set up in Latifabad. 

According to him, the sales figures of rice, sugar, pulses and several other items could not be compiled by Sunday evening.

He said the food court with stalls of KFC, McDonalds, Dominos and some local food outlets, each providing 40 percent to 50 percent discount, also attracted the visitors.

“Up to 6,000 people visited the bazaar. We provided over 2,000 free facemasks to the visitors,” he added.

He apprised that the masks and sanitisers were also sold in the market with 40 percent to 50 percent discount.

He disclosed that the district administration would bear the cost of setting up the bazaar on next Sunday but the third onward bazaars would be set up by the local traders on their own expenses.

“But the administration will ensure that the rate list provided by them is implemented,” he added.

Milk was sold at Rs90 per kg, against the market price of Rs110, and beef at Rs.300 in the bazaar.

Meanwhile, in Tandojam, sugar was sold at Rs78 per kg oil Rs200, flour from Rs43 to Rs48, rice from Rs56 to Rs140, different pulses from Rs134 to Rs210, tomatoes Rs135, onion Rs70, potatoes Rs50, golden apple Rs120, banana Rs55 per dozen and grapes Rs190.

The AC told that 700 bags of sugar weighing one kg and 600 bags of rice weighing 5 kg, among other items, were sold, on Sunday.