KARACHI (PR) - Colgate-Palmolive Pakistan and their partner stores held special ceremonies in which Rs2.2 million collected for flood relief were presented by cheques to the respective trusts involved. Colgate-Palmolive joined hands with 36 large superstores in various parts of the country to start a relief initiative for flood affectees. Consumers shopped at the partner stores where specific Colgate-Palmolive products reserved a certain percentage of the retail price for flood relief. Bit by bit, small amounts were collected and reached 22 lakhs, which were given in the form of donations for flood affectees. In the duration of this good cause for Pakistani Flood Affectees, not only did superstores pledge their support every step of the way; customers too contributed to the great success of this initiative by doing their everyday shopping at these stores as a way of demonstrating exemplary character.