PESHAWAR At least three suspected militants were killed when unmanned US spy plane targeted militants hideouts in Machi Khail village of North Waziristan agency on Friday. According to a private TV channel, senior Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) leader Qari Hussain Mehsud, known for training suicide bombers, was among the killed. The intelligence sources have also confirmed his death in a drone attack. According to details, the US spy plane fired two missiles on Machi Khail village, which is situated 30 kilometres away from Miranshah, the headquarters of North Waziristan Agency. These areas are considered stronghold of Al Qaeda-led Taliban insurgents and have frequently been targeted by US drones attacks during the past several months. Sources added that it was not confirmed that whether the target of drone was vehicle or some other location but the drone targeted a house in the same locality. The attack resulted killing of three to five militants on the spot. It is pertinent to mention here that despite several protests by the Pakistani government regarding the violation of Pakistan airspace, the United States-led allied troops continued their drone attacks in Pakistani tribal area, which have so far killed thousands of people, including civilians. Agencies add: On September 3, Qari Hussain had threatened to launch attacks in the United States and Europe 'very soon. His spokesman had also taken credit for the bombings in Lahore that killed 33 people in September. Two missiles were fired at Machi Khel village, around 30 kilometres east of Miranshah, the main town in the district. The officials said the attack targeted the same Mir Ali area where five Germans were killed in a US drone strike on October 4. Senior security officials said the drones target was a vehicle. Two local intelligence officials said the vehicle, which was parked inside a compound, and a house were both completely destroyed in the attack. At least four militants were killed. The US drone fired two missiles. The target was a vehicle, an official said. One military official in Peshawar put the death toll as high as six.