KARACHI - Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and Awami National Party (ANP), coalition partners of ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) in Sindh government, are the main contestants for the Sindh Assembly seat PS-94. The seat of Sindh Assembly PS-94 Karachi-VI had fallen vacant after the assassination of MQMs MPA Raza Haider. Election commission of Pakistan has accepted the nomination papers of six candidates including Saifuddin Khalid of MQM, Pir Riaz Gul of ANP, Zeenat Yasmin (Independent), Abdul Khaliq (covering candidate of MQM), Maqbool Alam (covering candidate of MQM) and Adnan Ali Khan. PPP has not nominated any candidate despite the fact that the PPP worker Adnan Ali Khan submitted his nomination papers from the constituency. The Sindh Assembly constituency was comprised on multi-lingual population of Mohajirs, Beharis, Pukhtoons and Balochs but the constituency is mainly dominated by Mohajir and Behari community. The constituency is considered as the strong bastion of the MQM since its inception to date. Though the ANP, an arch rival of MQM, has announced to contest the election from the constituency, which is vacant after the assassination of MQMs MPA Raza Haider, the political pundits believed that the election of PS-94 is one-sided election. They opined that the some corners of Behari community of the areas comprising on the constituency are not happy with the policies of MQM for the residents of Orangi Town but MQM is still in good position to easily sweep the election. MQM has nominated the die-hard party worker and former member of MQM Tanzeemi Committee Saifuddin Khalid from the constituency. However, Pir Riaz Gul of ANP was also the former activist of Pukhtoon Students Federation. In 2008 elections, MQMs MPA Raza Haider won the seat by getting 79,634 votes out of 88,101 valid votes, while his seconder Syed Rais Ahmed Kazmi of PPP bagged 4,649 votes from the constituency. In 2002 general election, MQMs MPA Abdul Qudoos declared successful from the constituency who secured 22,050 votes out of 37,564 valid votes while his seconder Laiq Khan of MMA got 8,037 votes. PPP has not announced to support the candidates of any party but the Peoples Aman Committee of PPP has announced its support for the ANPs candidate Pir Riaz Gul in the by-election of PS-94.