CHUNIAN - The incumbent government has given nothing to the people of Pakistan except destruction, corruption and inflation over the past four and half years in power. All state institutions are on the brink of collapse while inflation, unemployment, lawlessness and rapid depreciation of rupee have pushed the nation to a dark alley. The rulers have given rise to corruption and created mafias who have taken Karachi, Balochistan and KPK hostage. These remarks were made by PML-Z President Ejazul Haq while talking to mediamen at Changa Manga after offering condolence to the family of renowned Naat Khwan Safeer-e-Mustafa Hamdami who died in a fire incident at a private TV studio during sehr transmission in Ramazan.Ejazul Haq said that the Parliamentary commission set up for new provinces in Punjab was a joker’s box. He questioned that why division of Punjab was so necessary when demand for the creation of Hazara Province and other was not on the table? The former federal minister stressed that division of provinces shall be on administrative grounds and not on the linguistic basis. “Priority should be given Hazara province, then Sind and then Punjab,” he elaborated. He declared that no commission was required for the division of Punjab. It can be done by just an executive order as Bahawalpur Province can be reinstated with an executive order. If the PPP is so keen to divide Punjab, it should reinstate the historical Bahawalpur province,” he pointed out.Talking about the blasphemous film, he argued that such film could never be made without the consent of the US authorities and America had been testing the nerves of Muslim ummah. “If OIC meeting can urgently be called to remove Syria from Muslim community, why still the same hurry has been shown on this important issue by OIC? he questioned. We shall call American diplomat in foreign office and protest in strongest terms. This matter shall be taken to UN as it is the matter of international peace and harmony among people of different religions and not just a film. Previously, he reminded the same practice has been done by drawing sacrilegious sketches.Ejazul Haq claimed that the PML-Q was not a party anymore as it had now become PPP-Q. It is a tragedy that Chaudhries, to save their corruption, have now sitting with the killers of late Ch Zahoor Elahi. In the next election the PML-Q tickets will be distributed in the wrappers of PPP. We are in touch with the PML-N and PML-F and the nation will hear good news in the near future,” he disclosed. The PML-Z chief To a question about the PTI future, he said that Tsunami had hit the coast and now returning back to sea. It is not possible for IK to win even his own seat,” he claimed, adding that those who had joined in the PTI were now leaving it because tsunami Khan was just a magician and nothing else.Yet to another question, he said, “I know the killers of my father, and soon will bring them to the court for justice.” PML-Q Secretary General Ch Zulfiqar, Munir Ahmad Khan Saqi Secretary General District Union of Journalists Kasur and a large number of journalists and public were present on the occasion.