Police is the first line of defense pertaining to the internal security of any state. However, Pakistani police has long lost the trust of people. Its failure in maintaining law and order situation in Karachi to its dubious role in Kasur incident, police has proved ineffective in every national predicament. Inefficient policing is responsible for deplorable condition of criminal justice system of the country. This is why the nation has always looked towards armed forces for being the savior of last resort.

It would be pertinent to mention here that Pakistan police needs a major overhaul in different domains. In this regard delinking police from politics should be first and the foremost step that is required to be taken immediately. Availing the opportunity of this forum, I suggest that all security matters should be given in the hands of Governor in the province and president in the center. A separate committee should also be setup which should include High Court judges and retired bureaucrats for posting and transferring matters. In addition to this, it is imperative to introduce a robust police force independent of political clout to combat internal security issues effectively.


Mandi Bahauddin, August 27.