LAHORE: With having more than 75 percent share of the 4G customers market, Zong 4G Network has once again stamped its lead in Pakistan’s high speed cellular data market.

Figures have been officially confirmed by Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) in its latest report released on its website. The official figures show that that Zong 4G since launching its 4G services has consistently attracted customers. It is pertinent to mention here that Zong was the first operator in Pakistan to win 4G license in an open auction conducted by PTA in 2014. Till now, Zong 4G has invested more than $3 billion and is aiming to further scale up its network by increasing the number of its 4G sites to around 10,500 by the end of the current year.

During the previous year, Zong 4G observed a five-fold increase in its 4G subscriber base.

The company remains committed to re-shaping market trends, and securing its advantage as the first 4G network in the country.