This is apropos to the article “Pakistani Hawking?” By Pervez Hoodbhoy. 

The writer has correctly explained that Pakistan has produced good cricketers, squash players, fighter pilots, soldiers, musicians, artists, poets, writers, and doctors. Pakistani-origin entrepreneurs have hit it big in Silicon Valley and Pakistani-origin doctors in America are fabulously rich but mathematicians are lagging. 

No doubt, mathematicians are those who has told and given us the world’s invention, time and space. But, when one peeps in Pakistani universitie one finds a dearth of enrollment under maths-physics department. The problem at the helm of low enrollment is the acute and pure university education. Most of the lecturer in universities are unaware of the authentic and proper way to teaching the math-science students. 

There are many interested science students who need to be polished through proper channel. There must be modern education with scientific research work. Media should play a positive role in awareness programmes regarding mathematicians and their importance in the world. 


Shikarpur, August 27.