Do we Pakistanis have some Self-respect? Self-esteem? Dignity? When we talk about braking ties with our relatives or friends we have a whole lot of ego, which stops us from being generous enough to tie our knots again. But when we talk about going to India for T20 world cup 2016, we don’t even have a bit of self-respect and dignity.

When someone treats you like an option we should help them narrow their choices by removing our self from the equation. If India strongly wanted to welcome Pakistan she should have been efficient enough to reply to our queries and efficient enough to assure Pakistani government about the security issues. Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi one said; “Self-respect knows no consideration”. Pakistani team reached Calcutta on March 12, 2016 that is just the day before their match, we are going to play the matches and there are chances we win them too, but what about our respect? Come on, even Pakistan is a nuclear power, but we are not acting like one, why? If we wanted we could just have backed-off the world cup and forced the authorities to change the host country. Why can’t we prove that even Pakistan is a place where we can hold such events? India is so reluctant in sending it’s to Pakistan, and our Pakistani team is dying to go there and make a fool out of themselves. Why?


Karachi, March 13.