SWAT - The University of Swat (UoS) yesterday suspended its chief proctor, Hazrat Bilal, for ordering male and female students not to mingle on and off the campus. The notice dated April 14, issued by Chief Proctor Hazrat Bilal, said male and female students would be penalised if found mingling inside or outside the campus premises.

“All the students of University of Swat are informed hereby that boys and girls are not allowed to sit or walk together within the campus or outside the campus,” the notification stated.

“If any student, male or female, is found sitting or walking together in the campus or outside the campus, a penalty ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 500 will be imposed and an emergency meeting will be called with their parents,” it added. As the notification triggered debate on gender discrimination, UoS PRO Aftab Ahmed on Friday stated the vice chancellor had constituted a committee to investigate the matter.

A statement posted on official Facebook page of the UoS and released from its PR office, said issuance of notices pertaining to the varsity policy matters was the prime responsibility of the registrar office and no other official was entitled to notify any policy-related order.

“The vice chancellor made it clear that there is no space for gender discrimination at the varsity and condemned the fake notification from some unidentified person,” said the statement.