The weather was very pleasant and had a soothing effect but it appeared that the weather was not pacifying her. It seemed she was roaming somewhere else, as if she was not with me. Although we were gossiping and laughing but her facial expressions did not synchronize with her voice. Her eyes were swollen as if she had spent many nights restless. If one looks at her closely one can recognize emptiness in her eyes.

She was walking with a heavy heart, after walking a few miles she held my hand and we sat under a tree. She was almost in a numb condition; her eyes were wide open. I inquired, “Are you okay my friend? She gave me a fake smile and answered in a low voice, “Yes I am okay (with broad smile).” After a while she whispered, “Sherry, do you know I have parents but I still miss them.” She kept on saying, “I know this is an absurd statement for you but this is reality. I wish they were my friends (Her voice pitch starts rising).” She continued… “I wish they have some time to listen to me, to guide me, to understand my needs. They have done so much for me. My father tried to provide us with each facility and my mother cooks food and manages house very properly...”

“…But at times you know we need people more than things, we need relations more than comfort. My parents are so busy in fulfilling their duties, they have forgotten that their children need their time and not only the facilities.” She started sobbing like a child and kept on saying, “I really need my parents. I really need their time. Why can’t they see how badly I need them…?” I hugged her and held her hand and said, “Listen my dear, you are getting it wrong. They love you, they care about you that’s why they are working day and night to provide you all the comforts of life. See your life is much better than millions of people living on this planet.”

She stared at me and after sometime spoke with heavy voice, “I know they are doing all this for me, I value that and I am thankful to them for this but I miss them. I have no bond with them I don’t know what they like and what they don’t and on same lines my parents also don’t know about me. They don’t know what I feel and how I am dealing with people. And you know the worse thing is if I share these feelings with them they don’t even take it seriously...”

“…You know what Sherry, like other basic necessities of life emotional development is also essential but parents of our society never pay heed to it.” I was unable to apprehend her that day but today my heart is certifying her thoughts. She was right. Presently, many parents provide their kids with everything except emotional stability which I believe is the reason for depression and other psychological disorders in our society.