The punchline of the present era is that the General Bajwa Doctrine won and the Modi war doctrine bitterly failed, which rightly mentions the selfish and ill-motivated moves of India in the region and particularly against Pakistan. For details, I am referring to my book ‘Modi’s War Doctrine’ and I advise our foreign and information ministers to learn the real definition of anti-state elements.

I had predicted the fall of Kabul twice in my articles and continuously in my interviews though the West including the US was sure that Kabul would not fall to the Taliban so easily. US President Joe Biden, in his remarks on the drawdown of US forces in Afghanistan said “together, with our NATO Allies and partners, we have trained and equipped nearly 300,000 current serving members of the military—of the Afghan National Security Force, and many beyond those who are no longer serving. Add to that, hundreds of thousands more Afghan National Defence and Security Forces trained over the last two decades. We provided our Afghan partners with all the tools—let me emphasise: all the tools, training, and equipment of any modern military. We provided advanced weaponry. And we’re going to continue to provide funding and equipment. And we’ll ensure they have the capacity to maintain their air force.”

I think the President of the US was perhaps not informed that the training part was done by India on the instance of Hamid Karzai. India kept both Karzai and Ghani governments crippled and dependent on India and India planned and started the 5th generation warfare against Pakistan using Afghanistan. India started to import Daesh from Afghanistan and Syria and housed them in the south of India in its training centres from where they were being launched against Pakistan while using Afghan soil; they also used it against Sri Lanka to have control over all states of SAARC.

India used the Afghan soil against Pakistan by setting up seven terrorist training camps along the Pak-Afghan border and I provided the proofs to President Hamid Karzai in the presence of then DG ISI Lt Gen Zahir Ahmed. President Karzai showed his helplessness to finish them and asked us to contact the US and that the US will demand Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, as at that time he was in Pakistani custody and was undergoing interrogation.

India actually used the Afghan Government and its intelligence agency NDS but we countered all Indian sponsored anti-Pakistan in a nonviolent way under the ‘General Bajwa Doctrine’ and avoided counter-violence. Indian terrorism and terrorist financing were well exposed with the arrest of Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadav. India kept even the US in darkness and misinformed them, as out of 300000 Afghan forces, 200000 were ghost employees and the withdrawn funds from the US were being misappropriated jointly by Indian and Afghan elites. The army had to fall as it was ill-trained by India and India defeated the purpose of the US strategy miserably. I hope the USA will think twice before depending on India during the present cold war.

We must become part of the world’s powerful bloc—Russia, China, and the Middle East—and let Afghanistan be part of this bloc. Our region is sitting on a volcano with unresolved Indian Illegally Occupied Kashmir due to injustice and growing brutalities of Indian forces against oppressed and unarmed people there. Imagine if soon Kashmiris are forced by PM Modi and RSS to adopt the Afghan Taliban Doctrine of taking freedom by force then what will happen to this region; hence PM Modi should stop brutalities in Kashmir and let resolve the issue of Kashmir per the UNSC resolution of self-determination. Daesh will strike back in this region particularly against Pakistan and China duly supported by India. There will be various dirty political and psychological war tricks that will be engineered and executed by India.

It is important to mention in the end that Pakistani Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa played his doctrine smartly by building the fence on the Pak-Afghan border which blocked the new influx of refugees and forced the entry of terrorists from Afghanistan. That is why back on November 28, 2019, in my article titled “Continuity of General Bajwa as COAS is in the national interest”, I urged for his extension.

I had mentioned that General Bajwa refused to succumb to the pressure of Afghanistan and his western associates and ensured fencing on the Pak-Afghan border. I had also mentioned that Afghanistan is daily playing dirty and I can prove to the nation that we are already at war with India which has already initiated the fifth generation war which is being fought well through the Bajwa war doctrine and we need him to continue to counter India with his way and capability.

Moreover, we only defended our country whereas India played double both with the Afghan Taliban, US, and President Ghani. I hope President Joe Biden and his administration will revisit USA policies in South Asia and investigate the dubious role of India which created doubts against Pak via FATF, Anti-Pak propaganda exposed by DisinfoLab EU. There is great room for friendship between the USA and Pakistan. Our Foreign Office should find out the reasons for the US President’s annoyance and these should be addressed, as in my few interactions with him in presence of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, I had realised that he likes the people of Pakistan. Let us find where the fault is and we must diplomatically address these misgivings due to various unforeseen acts and the anti- Pakistan role of India. Let us restore our relation with the US and other countries while keeping our integrity and self-respect and national interest supreme and intact.

The views expressed are solely mine and do not necessarily represent the views of my party.


Senator Rehman Malik

The writer is former Interior Minister of Pakistan, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior and Chairman of Think Tank “Global Eye”. He is the author of four books and his fifth book is about to get published. He can be reached at:, Twitter