PESHAWAR- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan today said it is a welcoming sign, that the whole national leadership has come together for a common national cause, as he was seen seated next to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif – a rare and apparently awkward sight for PTI chairman – during the press briefing.

Chipping in to PM Nawaz’s answer to a journalist’s question, Imran Khan said that the issue of election rigging stands and that a judicial commission to probe alleged election rigging is in the interest of the whole nation.

He then said that he has put the issue of election rigging aside, in order to focus on the core issue of terrorism for now. Imran Khan said, he would go straight back to the container to participate in funeral-in-absentia being organized for the martyred schoolchildren, teachers and the security personnel.

The whole crowd cheered, when PM Nawaz quickly added that he would join Imran Khan to the container if he didn’t have to check on the wounded children in hospital.