Quaid Pakistan Muslim League (N) Mian Mohammad Nawaz on Wednesday said that the implementation of the Charter of Democracy (CoD) would have saved Pakistan from the trouble it has been facing now, adding that, we are still waiting for abolishment of 17th amendment since two years. Addressing the news conference here in Ghotkhi on Wednesday, he said, he does not want to take premiership from Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani. He said internal difference would collapse the democracy. In Bhurban declaration, he said, we had Pakistan Peoples Party that we don't want ministries but want restoration of judges, revoking of 17th constitutional amendment and implementation on CoD. He wondered that how can the Prime Minister would give good news today, as he would just withdraw the notification on judges' appointment but the good news is that which make everybody happy. The country is facing severe problems including unemployment and poverty, he said and added there is a big rift between rich and poor, which is a basic cause of turmoil. Answering to a question, he said, had marital laws not imposed in the country then Pakistan would have been ranked among the developed nations. He said that there is need to provide justice to the people of the country. The government has failed to solve the problems of the country, he added. He said that President Asif Ali Zardari is not sincere in repealing the 17th Amendment, as he has promised for many times to repeal the black laws but PPP government has entered in its third year. "I love the people of Sindh and Balochistan. I have special affiliation with the people of these two provinces", he said. He said that when "I was a Prime Minister, I took action against the dacoits in Sindh, I gave yellow cabs to the people of Sindh and distributed lands in the poor farmers of the country". "I believe that the people of Sindh fully supports me and would continue their support for me in the future", he said. He said that he fully supports Sindh on the water issue. "I am neutral and don't support any of the Province of Punjab or Sindh on the water issue", he added. He said that PML-N has always given jobs on the merit and we will not allow any ignorance of merit in the country. The leadership of PPP is responsible for country's current situation, he said. Our manifesto was to serve for the nation, he said. PPP is Party of late Former Premier Benazir Bhutto and he respects her with core of his heart, he added. The PPP should ensure implementation of manifesto introduced by Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz said. We would have to bring good governance in the country and there is a dire need to provide speedy and cheap justice to people of Pakistan, he maintained. "Unfortunately I had to say that the President is biggest threat for democracy because he has failed to honor commitments", he said.