ISLAMABAD              -               The Building Control Directorate of CDA has issued notices to the owners of economy flats in sector F-11 over violation of building by-laws.

The notices have been served to the Safa Heights, Golden Heights, Tariq Heights, Sughrah Towers, Karakuram, and Abuzabi Towers situated in sector F-11. Owners of these buildings have illegally constructed residential flats in the basements which is sheer violation of CDA building by-laws. As per building by-laws, the basements should be used for parking purpose.

During the recent survey conducted by the Building Control Directorate of the authority for compiling the data of the commercial buildings of the Islamabad, it was indicated that the basements of these buildings are being used for residential purpose in violation of building by-laws. Taking action in this regard, notices have been served to the owners of these premises, wherein, they have been directed for immediate removal of violations failing which the authority will conduct action to remove these violations.

During the construction of these flats, owners had tried to construct flats in the basements of the premises. The plan was foiled and structures were removed from the basements. However, after completing the buildings, the owners again converted parking into residential flats.

The CDA management has directed that an action be taken against the consistent violators and removal of violations be ensured so that residents of the economy flats could be provided at parking facility in the buildings as well as enforcement of building by-laws be ensured.