PESHAWAR - Water and Power Develop­ment Authority (Wapda) Chairperson Muzammil Hus­sain has said the first unit of the Mohmand Dam will start operation by December 2025.”

After the Tarbela Dam, the Mohmand Dam is expected to be the next big water pro­ject in the country and is be­ing constructed day and night, he said.

The Mohmand Dam was the fifth highest concrete-face rock-fill dam in the world, the chairperson said while ad­dressing media at the dam site. “Although it started late, con­struction of the dam will be very fruitful for Pakistan.”

The dam is expected to pro­duce 800 megawatts of elec­tricity and will enable the storage of 1.3 million acre-feet of water. “From 2020 to 2028 almost 2,900 megawatts of electricity produced will be both cheap and green [envi­ronmental friendly],” Hussain said.

The dam site is located in the Mohmand district of Khy­ber Pakhtunkhwa. Residents of the district are equally excited at the construction of the dam as they believe it will improve their standard of living.

“It will make our lands fertile and refill streams leading to the fields,” a resident said. “The dam’s construction will also bring education and employ­ment for our people,” he added.

Dam is expected to produce 800MW of electricity enabling storage of 1.3mcf of water.

The Wapda chairperson add­ed that Rs309 billion was be­ing spent on the construction, which has been paid by the au­thority and through foreign funding.

Gomal University expels 23 students over protest

Administration of Gomal University, Dera Ismial Khan has expelled 23 students and also imposed fine over protest and violating rules of the var­sity.

The students walked from Main Campus to General Post Office Chowk Dera Ismail Khan city and arranged a protest camp against the administra­tion.

The students on Sunday said they had demanded of the uni­versity administration to de­crease fee, fulfil the shortages of teachers and resolve their transport problems but the ad­ministration failed.

The students while shar­ing the notification issued by the university administration (Chief Proctor Office) has ex­pelled its 10 students for two years along with a fine of Rs 50,000 for each student has also been imposed.

Similarly, the university ad­ministration expelled 13 stu­dents for one year along with a fine of Rs 25,000 to each stu­dent under section 15 (2) (b) students conduct and disci­pline regulations.

When contacted, Registrar of the University Dilnawaz Khan claimed that the university was being run only with stu­dents’ fees and the administra­tion had decreased the fee for about Rs 4000 but the students were demanding more which was unacceptable.

He said the administra­tion was able to restore some students if they explain their cause of protest but no chance for some other expelled stu­dents as the university took ac­tion over FIR registered by the police against them.