LAHORE - Veteran wrestler Bashir Bhola Bhala Pehlwan of Lahore flattened Arif Pehlwan of Bhakkar to clinch Rustam-e-Zaman Gama Pehlwan Dangal title here at Punjab Stadium on Saturday.

Former MPA and PML (N) leader Mohsin Latif was the chief guest at the occasion and awarded the mace of Rustam-e-Zaman to Bashir Bhola Bhala Pehlwan. PML (N) UK leader Zubair Gul and Advisor to Chief Minister Punjab Ijaz Gul also witnessed the title bout. Several former wrestling champions and a large number of fans were also present there. Talking to the reporters, Mohsin Latif appreciated the endeavors of Punjab government and Sports Board Punjab (SBP) for the revival of traditional wrestling in the province.

Bashir Bhola Bhala Pehlwan, who is also former Rustam-e-Pakistan, utilized his vast experience and won the title clash within two minutes. Arif Pehlwan, who is Rustam-e-Bhakkar, simply could not cope with ploys of veteran pugilist.

Talking to the reporters soon after winning the title, Bashir said: “These contests will definitely be proved very handy for the future of wrestling in Pakistan. There is no dearth of wrestling potential in the country but our youngsters need proper training and a major platform to express their talent and Sports Board Punjab (SBP), by holding dangals, is doing exactly the same.”

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