Madam Rukhsana Noor , former script-writer, poetess, teacher, journalist, author and social activist passed away on the morning of January 12th, 2017. Rukhsana Noor wrote many scripts and as a lyricist created some evergreen songs for Pakistan's film industry. Amongst the staggering list of her beautiful songs, the ones which have won the throbbing hearts of millions, are Laiyan Laiyan, Dhola, Aa Piyar Dil Mein Jaga, and many more. She has also published a riveting book which comprises her deep and enriching poetry, titled Ilham. She has inspired and touched the lives of many, especially her beloved students from Punjab and Superior University. She married the film director, Syed Noor in 1984 and had three daughters and a son with him. Two of her daughters reside in the US, one in the UK and the son in Lahore, who is 19 years old. Her inspiration for every aspect in her life sprung from her infinte belief in her religion.

Rukhsana Noor was first diagnosed with cancer in 2006 but at that time she fought the disease valiantly and won. After she recovered, she continued her life unhindered and untouched for years until 2015. While touring across America for her second book's launch, she suffered from a major attack and relapsed.  After being in hospital for a month she came back to Pakistan and started her chemotherapy in Lahore. But this time her condition worsened. Her last chemotherapy took a harrowing toll on her and on January 12 she finally succumbed to her disease. After fainting, she was rushed to Bahria Hospital in an ambulance. However, despite efforts made to resuscitate her, the  doctors pronounced her dead at 11:30 AM. Her husband, Syed Noor, who was in Karachi at that time for the shoot of an upcoming project, flew back to Lahore immediately and arrived at 3:00 PM.

Since all three of her daughters live abroad, her body was moved to the morgue. Her was held on Saturday, the 14th of January at her residence i.e. Tricon Village at Canal Road Lahore. After that the body  was transferred to The Holy Shrine of Hazrat Shah Abu-Al-Maali situated on Shah Abul Maali road near McLeod road Lahore. Another Namaz-e-Janaza was performed there at Jamia Masjid of Hazrat Shah Abu-Al-Maali, where she was buried. It was one of her last wishes to be buried amongst the ancestors of her husband's family.

Please recite Surah Fatiha and keep her in your prayers.

Thank You.