ISLAMABAD - Pakistans Internet Service Providers have strongly reacted to a Fox News report, which ranks the country on the top in accessing pornographic sites, terming it a malicious propaganda against Pakistan. A statement issued by the Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan (ISPAK) followed by a related press briefing on Friday strongly contradicted the contents of the same news report that ranked Pakistan as leading country across the world in accessing porno sites. ISPAK categorically deplored the slack and pitiful attitude of Pakistan Embassy in US and slammed the Embassy for having failed to promptly react to the news report. Talking to TheNation, Convenor ISPAK and Chief Executive Officer, Nayatal, Wahaj-us-Siraj said that the particular report was based on sheer falsehood aimed at settling old scores with Pakistan. He said that the news item was planted in response to the imposition of ban on Google, You Tube, and Facebook for posting sacrilegious content, in last May. This is a backlash of what happened in May, Google presented wrong facts and Fox News carried an unverified report. Both these sites owe Pakistan an unconditional apology, he added. Siraj deplored the role of Pakistans Embassy in Washington saying, when the Embassy was approached by the Fox News, it should have given a strong reply after due consultation with Pakistans Internet Service Providers that would have strongly defended Pakistans stance. According to Siraj, of the top 40 popular sites that are accessed from Pakistan, including those of Facebook, Google, You Tube, Twitter, Bing, Rabbit Share etc, neither any site is pornographic nor Pakistans any major city is included in the top ten cities where pornographic material is accessed from, in Googles search. The statement issued from ISPAK says, Google Trends shows the searches coming from countries as well as their cities. In some searches like how to make bomb, New Zealand ranks number one and its city is at number two. This shows that if a country is ranking number one in a global search, some of its cities should also be among top ranking cities. But if someone searched horse sex as reported in the story, Pakistan is at the top whereas none of the Pakistani city is enlisted among the top ten. Similarly, if someone tries all other words reported in the story, Pakistan comes on top but its cities do not come on the top 10. This means that this data is badly managed and fabricated. Given that there are 1.5 billion to 1.8 billion internet users worldwide and Pakistan has only 5 million to 8 million internet users that are less than 0.5 per cent of global users, it is beyond comprehension as to how could Pakistan 'top in accessing the cyber pornographic material when majority of its youths in rural areas have no access to internet while some neighbouring countries have streamlined pornographic markets which earn their ISPs millions of dollars every year.